Global Advanced
Deep Penetration Technology

As a leading company in R&D and manufacturing of automotive films in China, Radix has always been leading the product innovation of automotive films. The perfect combination of technology and craftsmanship highly integrates the optical properties, thermal properties, electrical properties and magnetic properties of automotive thermal insulation films to develop a "super-powerful new generation of automotive thermal insulation films", leading the new trend of global automotive film development and achieving .

The leap in comprehensive performance such as high definition, heat insulation, UV blocking, and non-fading brings car owners a excellent driving experience.

China Advanced
Large-scaled manufacturer use Titanium Nitride (TiN) materials for automotive films

Titanium Nitride (TiN) is now being used in coatings and structural materials for aerospace vehicles, such as spacecraft, etc.

Technological innovation Product evolution
Radix initiate: Technology is always one step ahead
  • Optical
  • Thermal
  • Electrical
  • Magnetic

Radix adheres to the concept of "Performance First", interpenetrates interdisciplinary, and strives to create high-end automotive film based on the "4-Ability foundation".

Focus on leader of China's high-end automotive film technology

New tech, Unlimited car life

Future Technology, Ignites Dreams

The wisdom of science and technology has been interpreted into the continuous dream of Radix. With cutting-edge technology, it brings car owners infinite reverie and pursuit of car life.

Performance master Super quality

Tech innovation pushes the performance of car film to a new height and demonstrates the power of quality in excellence.

Luxury Experience Quanlity life

The mission of science and technology, while pursuing a safe and comfortable driving experience, let you love the car more and love the car life more.

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