Radix film training center

Technology innovation, unlimited life

Radix Training  center belongs to Radix Company. It is committed to the attention and research of consumers' car life experience and consumption trends, and strives to combine Radix's strong research and development capabilities to provide consumers with imagination and experience of infinite life in the future. At the same time, it provides consumers with interesting popular science and cultural education about automobile film.                 

Radix training center continues to provide automotive film product partners with professional knowledge such as perfect technology, products and use, professional sales service process, marketing plan and other systematic training, and also helps customers improve sales skills and increase customer unit price. Provide customers with all-round support including product technology and construction technology, and continuously improve customer satisfaction.At the same time, we continuously train more technicians for our partners.

Free training courses for "Senior Auto Film Technician"
Offered all year round by Radix

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